Our Team

OUR HOSTS: The Elephants

Barâa Arar

Barâa is either observing and imitating animals, or telling her mediocre stories.

Buraidah Aslami Razack

Buraidah is either hopelessly dreaming for the world or telling you jokes you don’t want to hear.


Rosa Saba: The Otter 2.0

Rosa survives on coffee, coffee, and long discussions about the nature of the universe. You might be able to find her napping in a park when it’s sunny out.

Sacha Gunaratne: The Falcon

Sacha sits around making sarcastic comments, making us feel inadequate, while typing on his fake notebook laptop.

Eric Murphy: The Otter

Eric is a twenty-four-year old stuck in a twelve-year old’s body who is a fellow doer of all things, and is just plain nice.

Ayah Shadid: The Eagle

Ayah follows us around giving us back our keys, feeding us, and doing all the things which we are not good at (which is a lot of things.)

Haytham Al Azzouni

Haytham knows how to do math. And computers. And other real world things like law. So we let him hang out with us.


Zakaria Adref

We knew he can draw so we (not so) politely asked him to draw things for us. Check out his stuff here.