My Useless Degree and I

We’re all in the same boat- and it’s sinking.

If that was the the Titanic’s slogan, no one would have got on. However, from this day on- I propose this to be the official slogan of our generation.

I am a Humanities student. Okay. I’ll try again. I am a student who studies mostly-philosophy-and-art-with-a-mixture-of-history-poetry-and-political-theory.

Yes- I know what you’re thinking: “she’s a great person to party with.”

Except, not everyone thinks so fondly of me and my program. Most people think I am wasting my time. What am I doing reading books that are so old they cost 99 cents because there is no longer a copyright on them?

Trust me- I ask myself the same question. On the daily.

Here is my best comeback. And let me warn you- it is not for the faint hearted (or those who love cash dolla billz.)

I go to school not with the belief it will immediately find me a job or a husband (although both those things done correctly would yield money).

I go to school in hopes I may be apart of this fabric weaved by thousands of people across the millennia. To join a group of people who believe in the power of ideas, poetry, and the resiliency of the human spirit. I go to school to gain intrinsic goodness- things good for their own sake- like chocolate or laughter.

And to those who tell me my degrees is useless, if by useless you mean it won’t get me a job right after I graduate. I will have you know there are teachers and engineers that are unemployed fresh out of school- so at this point we’re all struggling (see first line.)

Because let me tell you- when the boat is sinking this fast- we will need reporters to tell us it is happening, doctors to help the injured, designers to draft a new one, engineers to fix it, labourers to build it, accountants to make sure we don’t go bankrupt, teachers to warn future generations about mistakes, and finally writers to write about it all in the most catastrophic way possible.

With love,